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Created in 2006 as Development Without Borders, GINKGO is a NGOs recognized of public interest which aims to strengthen the skills of social economy’s southern actors. GINKGO allows more than 150 volunteers to go every year on a volunteering mission in one of our 80 partner organizations.    

In 2011, it joined the GROUPE SOS, the first social enterprise in France.

After 10 years of activity and more than 1 000 volunteers sent all over the world, Development Without Borders decided to take a new impulse and to strengthen its support for volunteering projects activities. On this occasion, DFS changes its name and becomes GINKGO – volunteers in action.     

Change of identity but the same DNA! With over 10 years of experience, GINKGO is pursuing its development with the ambition of always offering more missions with various partners, ensuring a close support to the volunteers and looking for a strong impact by enhancing our partners’ skills.

From our point of view, everyone can become actor of change by sharing personal and professional skills!


To ensure the quality and the impact of our missions, Ginkgo stands to:

  • Establish strong relationships with local partners, reliable and professional
  • Recruit serious and motivated volunteers
  • Provide complete and quality support for our volunteers



 You are an organization acting in Asia, Africa or Latin America in the field of social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, culture / education, health / social care or fundamental rights?

You have identified needs such as support, common reflection and sharing skills?


Volunteering is the solution!

Submit a partnership request to GINGKO!

Our team will evaluate the opportunity to integrate you into our programs and, if validation, will define with you the terms of partnership and the volunteering mission.

Partnerships are reviewed on the following criteria:

– Project’s quality

– Consistency with GINKGO programs

– Nature of the organization’s governance

– Recipients

– Internal management arrangements

– Country(ies) of intervention


Moreover, GINKGO asks its partners to justify their need for volunteers and to specify their availability to supervise them. We pay a great attention to this criterion.


If your organization is located in a country where GINKGO has no partners, the evaluation process will be longer because it will start with a comprehensive review of political and socioeconomic context.





There is no standard profile; our volunteers are students, working or retired people and they have one common goal : they all want to commit themselves and support you in the development of your organization.

Volunteers make the move to contact us. We make sure about the adequacy between their skills and your needs to offer you one or two candidates.



Process Anglais


Once partners, the support offered by GINKGO takes place in 3 steps.

– First, we analyze your projects and skills-building needs and define with you the missions with objectives and expected results.

– Then comes the stage of future volunteer’s recruitment. We look for the most suited profiles and together we validate a candidate. Then we sign a partnership agreement summarizing the reception arrangements and voluntary commitments. Finally, we organize a training to prep them before their departure.

– Finally, we provide support field for volunteers and make sure the mission goes well, linked with the partner. At the end of each mission, we collect mission reports and capitalize experience feedback in order to facilitate the project sustainability and needs updating.


The partnership with GINKGO aims to stop once the skill was fully reinforced by volunteers. Regular exchanges are set up with the partner to enable:

O Position the evolution of the skill’s enhance

O Evaluate potential new needs





The cost of volunteering varies. It depends on the contract, its duration, the country or funding already obtained on the program. Usually, the partner participates in the cost of the mission by providing the voluntary a simple and healthy accommodation. The partner must also ensure a safe and proper framework to the voluntary.




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