Pedagogical Coordinator

Information générales

Type de volontariatVolontariat de solidarité internationale

ThèmatiqueEducation et culture


Durée de la mission12 mois


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Localisation : Pristina, Kosovo - France

Début de la mission : 5 septembre 2017

Partenaire local :

 PLAY International
PLAY International is active in Kosovo since 2002, using sport to educate and build bridges between communities throughout the country. Since 2008, the mission implements the Sport4Youth project: it trains young volunteers aged 14-20 to become sport trainers and to organize educative activities for the children of their localities. Volunteers and children come from different communities and are regularly involved in multi-ethnic events. Thanks to the project, volunteers acquire experience and skills which are valuable for their future professional life, while children learn basic values on tolerance and respect. By meeting their peers from other communities, volunteers and children can overcome stereotypes and mistrust. The project impacts the lives of over 3 000 children and 70 youngsters throughout the country each year. Since 2015, PLAY International also started working with different target groups in order to promote and foster the development of “Sport for All” in Kosovo. PLAY International wants to develop awareness-raising and capacity building activities targeting school teachers, NGOs’ workers, students in Physical Education curriculum, and civil servants from partner institutions in the Kosovo government.
This year the mission started a new project called “Human Right Clubs”. The clubs are set up by teenagers who are willing to organize peers to peers activities in order to raise awareness on human rights and to ensure children and youngsters are aware of and are fighting for their rights. The project uses sport activities and notably the Playdagogy methodology that has been developed by PLAY International in order to educate through sport. Playdagogy methodology has also been used in the “Values of Olympism” project. Two multiethnic groups of volunteers and a group of Physical education teachers implemented awareness raising sessions through sport on “Respect”, “Friendship’ and “Excellency” in three localities.

Description de la mission :

The Pedagogical Coordinator’s main responsibility is the development, improvement, and evaluation of pedagogical content used on the different projects. He/she will ensure the capacity building of the local staff implementing the projects. The Pedagogical Coordinator will work under the direct supervision of the Head of Mission and in close collaboration with the Project Teams in Kosovo and the Pedagogical Team in HQ (France).


Ensure the quality and adaptation of the content being used in all projects within the Mission. This includes:

  • Assist during the identification and formulation of new projects in order to anticipate the pedagogical needs taking into account the project’s duration, objectives, beneficiaries, etc.;
  • Design of training curricula in a logical and progressive way
  • Review of existing pedagogical material (including the Catalogue of Games and manuals for volunteers) and development of new and innovative content (games, thematic sheets, etc.)
  • Development of tools to monitor and evaluate the pedagogical aspect of project implementation (qualitative and quantitative);
  • Support to the analysis of the collected material and reporting.


  • Contribute to the capacity building of local and international staff based on priority areas identified together with the Head of Mission and the Pedagogical team in HQ; design mission’s common pedagogical guidelines and ensure all staff are trained on it (including gender awareness and equality, both on the field and in theory; communities’ inclusion and non-discrimination, etc.);
  • Contribute to the reflection on the Kosovo mission’s strategy and future orientations;
  • Promote and disseminate the expertise of PLAY International in using sport as a tool to empower and integrate vulnerable population.

Pilot Project in Shtime:
The Pedagogical Manager will be responsible for implementing the Shtime Pilot Project. This pilot project has been on-going since 2014 and advocates for the creation of a position of “municipal Sport Animator”. The Animator is currently paid by PLAY International and implements autonomously inclusive sport activities in various localities of Shtime Municipality (city and villages). The Pedagogical Manager will have the following tasks:

  • Keep regular contact with the part-time local Sport Animator working in Shtime: ensuring that activities are implemented and that weekly reports are sent by the Animator; provide regular feedbacks; go on visits on the activities;
  • Design or improve the pedagogical content of the games being used on the project;
  • Use the Shtime project to test new and innovative pedagogical tool (creation of games on gender and disability awareness-raising and games to improve calculating skills);
  • Ensure monitoring and evaluation of the Pilot Project, including designing and implementing adjustments of project activities when required;
  • Build the capacity of the Sport Animator;
  • Supervise and support the Animator with regards to the relations with Shtime Municipality;
  • Write reports related to the Pilot Project;
  • Communicate on the project’s success stories.

Compétences attendues :

Education and Knowledge

  • University degree (at least bachelor but preferably Master) in Sport and Physical Education
  • Knowledge of project management
  • Good knowledge of the development and cooperation issues, and/or of the Sport for Development and Peace sector

Professional experience

  • At least 2 years of experience in the fields of physical education and/or socio-sportive activities
  • At least 1 year of experience in capacity building and training design and implementation
  • Experience working in a multicultural environment desirable
  • Experience abroad desirable
  • Experience in team management desirable
  • Interest in post-conflict area and developing countries


  • Pedagogical and trainer skills: creativity; training content design; understanding of pedagogy by project, by objective; participative methodology with strong debating skills
  • Socio-sportive skills: lead a sport session, work with different groups (youth, adults, teachers), non-formal education
  • Good communication and relational skills
  • Organization and planning skills; management of stress and priorities
  • Adaptation skills to local context
  • Strong sense of initiative and autonomy
  • Team work


  • Excellent knowledge of English (oral and written)
  • Knowledge of French is desirable
  • Knowledge of Serbian or Albanian is a plus

IT Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of Office


Application process: CV and motivation letter shall be send by 20th August to Ana Larderet, Head of Mission of PLAY International in Kosovo,, and Florent Martin, Pedagogical Manager in PLAY International: